I did not expect that I would be so elated at the sound of an exploding diaper after a day with just one dirty diaper. 👶🏻

New coffee!

Watched Rampage (2018) last night. Not much can be said really — giant beasts, biotechnology, a two-dimensional evil businesswoman and Dwayne Johnson. Nothing bad, nothing great 📽

In a moment of madness, I started to play Nethack in between feeds. It’s been a great way to unwind from the first week back to work after Baby O’s arrival.

Read: The Strange Bird: A Borne Story by Jeff VanderMeer 📚

This is a great interview with Panos Panay on the Surface Duo.

Once in a blue moon, the stars align and baby finishes his feed without needing a diaper change. Straight from the breast and into the bassinet, and everyone is the happier for it!

Once every so often, I get bitten by the “build your own custom PC” bug. Maybe this time it’ll stick (though part of me — the sensible one — certainly hopes not)?

I was thinking about getting a Magic Keyboard for my iPad Pro, but then realised that I could try plugging in an old USB keyboard using an adapter and… it worked! Typing on an iPad Pro feels transformative.

Switched up to an ancient Apple keyboard (c. 2008) to avoid waking Baby O with the loud clicks and clacks of my beloved mechanical keyboard ⌨️

Currently reading: The Strange Bird: A Borne Story by Jeff VanderMeer 📚

This is so petty on my part, but I really dislike having the bookmarks in the “Favourites Bar” on Safari centred. I’d much rather have them aligned to the left. Oh well!

Currently reading: The Book of Koli by M. R. Carey 📚

Read: Borne by Jeff VanderMeer 📚

One thing that I’ve appreciated about Readwise is its camera OCR function. Having tested a variety of apps, it seems that Readwise is the most accurate for this purpose, which is a real boon!

John Medina, Brain Rules for Baby:

Write this across your heart before your child comes into the world: Parenting is not a race. Kids are not proxies for adult success. Competition can be inspiring, but brands of it can wire your child’s brain in a toxic way.

Reading Vance, his style of fantasy may be contrasted with Tolkien’s in this manner: the former inhabits a landscape of evil with rare outcroppings of good, while the latter assumes a basic goodness threatened by incursions of evil.

Reading The Dying Earth by Jack Vance 📚

Started to use the Readwise.io free trial after seeing Roam integration at work. I’m hopeful that this might help me make the best use of my reading and highlighting.

“For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment” (James 2:13).

That’s a lot of crying — in the paediatrician’s waiting room.

Smart Stacks are amazing. 📱

As much as I’d like to get started testing the new sleep tracking functionality on the Apple Watch, something tells me that I won’t be having regular enough sleep to make that worthwhile. ⌚️

As much as I love Apple (and the updated OSs today), I’m really hoping that they start to improve their developer relations, what with the App Store controversies and the timing of the release of iOS/iPad OS 14. Very much an unoriginal thought, but something I’m hoping to see.

Rowan Williams on Theological Education

Rowan Williams: Theological Education Is for Everyone

“What do you think are the purpose and nature of theological education?

Well, in the broadest possible sense, theological education is learning more about the world that faith creates, or the world that faith trains you to inhabit. That’s what I really want to come back to again and again when I talk about theology. It’s not about a set of issues or problems, it’s about a landscape you move into—the new creation, if you like. You inhabit this new set of relationships, this new set of perspectives. You see differently, you sense differently, you relate differently.

To do theology is, in some ways, to be taken back to that moment of bewilderment about the newness or the distinctiveness or the strangeness of being in this new Christian framework. So theological education is familiarizing yourself with how people have found their way around that landscape with the perspectives they’ve occupied and then learning to pitch your own tent, as one might say, in that territory.”