Markdown Misadventures

I love Markdown. But I’m learning that I need to be more aware about (1) my limitations and (2) the appropriate and most efficient tool for the job.

To recount this evening’s misadventures:

  1. Tried to create a handout using Markdown where there was a list of sequential questions with enough space in between the questions to allow participants to write their responses
  2. Started off well enough with <br>. That seemed to work.
  3. Tried to add a table in between the questions. I could not for the life of me figure out how to restart the sequential numbering after the table.
  4. Managed to do so with Pandoc. Tried to export to PDF using pdflatex. At this point, broke the use of linebreaks. The new problem was that I could not figure out how to get line breaks to register in the PDF rendered by LaTeX.

These tools are great, but I just didn’t manage to get things done (my own fault, of course)! I could have been done an hour or so ago. This is no complaint against these tools – I’m just quite bemused that I managed to get myself in this sticky situation. Microsoft Word just won out because I could simply change the formatting and see it happen in real-time. This was especially helpful in trying to keep everything within 2 pages. (I can’t imagine what I would have to go through to try to get something to fit in exactly 2 pages using those tools.)

From what I can see, then, Word is still pretty good when you do need to fiddle with formatting.