Watched Rampage (2018) last night. Not much can be said really — giant beasts, biotechnology, a two-dimensional evil businesswoman and Dwayne Johnson. Nothing bad, nothing great 📽

This is a great interview with Panos Panay on the Surface Duo.

Watching a few episodes of Kingdom. Zombies set in a historical Korea, and a liberal dash of political intrigue. What’s not to love?

I spent a good amount of time watching the first few episodes of The Umbrella Academy on Neflix last night. While it was quite absorbing and I do (or perhaps, used to) love television, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there were better uses of my time, especially if I could get a similar amount of plot for much less time elsewhere. I ended up just reading through the synopsis for the whole two seasons instead. Is there something I’m missing about the joy of television?