Today’s email from “Daily Dad” is very timely and encouraging:

Especially in the early days, it can seem like being a dad is to assume the role of perpetual third wheel. You can’t nurse. You can’t magically comfort your baby. It’s not you they’re crying for in the middle of the night. So where can a dad contribute?

A very odd thing I’ve noticed since Baby O came into our lives: I’m struggling to actually do anything thats not related to him in some way, other than watch videos or distract myself until the next feed/cry. It’s like a whole new set of priorities has just upended everything I had thought about my life so far.

The past few days have been a whirlwind! The Wife delivered our little baby boy O on 11 September 2020 at 5.57pm. One of his blood tests showed an elevated marker and he’s had to stay in hospital for the past few days, while we went to and from hospital for feeds. Thankful for competent medical staff, resources, and God’s grace through all this.

Surface Duo review embargos have lifted, and I’m a bit disappointed to see all the negative reviews. I have no personal stake in it, but I was looking forward to something fresh and amazing. I’m very much hoping they don’t kill this product after one generation.

Watched Blade Runner 2049 🎥 It is a gorgeous film. I think I like anything that Denis Villeneuve puts his hand to. Having watched this makes me very excited for Dune.

Reading in preparation for baby 📚

If anything convinces me to shell out for YouTube Premium (and I’ll admit to being very tempted each time an ad pops up), it’ll be NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts.

Reading Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy 📚

My first time painting a miniature!

Dinner at the local pizzeria 🍕

Lianne LaHavas’s Tiny Desk Concert is really quite something else.

Our first child (a boy!) is about to pop any day now. Each text I get from my wife gives me butterflies in my stomach! Very excited and very nervous.

A map of Singapore in 1937.

An old map of part of Singapore, courtesy of the British Library.

Another map, this time of the realm of the Riverkeepers.

I decided to buy a classic board game today! Hope it’ll be good for 2-player games with my wife as well.

I spent the day migrating files from Dropbox to OneDrive. I had recently purchased the Microsoft 365 Family Plan which included 1TB of storage per person. It no longer made sense to have a separate storage option in Dropbox. It feels good to consolidate and cut away excess!

He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap. - Ecclesiastes 11:4

Evening after the rain 🌿

“While we know today that the material elements of our bodies were forged in the stars of the heavens…” – I had never heard this put so poetically before. (By Jean-Paul Juge in his post for the Church Life Journal on St Maximus the Confessor).

Watching a few episodes of Kingdom. Zombies set in a historical Korea, and a liberal dash of political intrigue. What’s not to love?

I’m enjoying Old Wow by Sam Lee so far – he’s a wonderful singer, and his songs evoke a wonderful atmosphere.

Listening to Sam Lee, “The Garden of England (Seeds of Love)”.

My favourite shortcut in any application has to be ⌘+k in IA Writer. It takes the link in your clipboard and immediately creates a Markdown link around the highlighted text.

Spent a little while this afternoon putting together a map for a future campaign. This is the Northern March, territory of the Warden of the North.