B1 In Search of the Unknown p 4:

One player in the group should be designated as the leader or “ caller” for the party, while another one or two players can be selected as mappers (at least one is a mustl). Although individual players have the right to decide their own actions and relay them to the Dungeon Master as play progresses, the caller will be the one who gives the DM the details on the group’s course of action as they move around and explore (such instructions as “We’ll move slowly down this corridor to the east… ” or “We’ll break down this door while so-and-so covers our rear … ” are typical directions given by a caller to the DM). In the course of the adventure, the caller wlll naturally discuss the options available to the party with the rest of the adventurers, but it is he who the DM relies upon for the official instructions (although individual players can still pursue alternate courses of action at appropriate times if they Insist by telling the Dungeon Master). Once a caller (or any player) speaks and indicates an action Is being taken, it is begun - even if he quickly changes his mind (especially If he realizes he’s made a mistake or an error in judgment). Use your discretion in such cases.

Installed the car seat, chopped up a chicken, and fixed up some wires. Not a bad start to the Saturday afternoon.

Catching sunlight at the Botanic Gardens 🌿

Had a really interesting time over lunch reading all the tables included in Wilderlands of High Fantasy, a campaign setting released by Judges Guild in 1977. It has so much raw material to mine!

I spent a good amount of time watching the first few episodes of The Umbrella Academy on Neflix last night. While it was quite absorbing and I do (or perhaps, used to) love television, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there were better uses of my time, especially if I could get a similar amount of plot for much less time elsewhere. I ended up just reading through the synopsis for the whole two seasons instead. Is there something I’m missing about the joy of television?

Workout music today: Edguy’s Mandrake.

There’s something really wonderful about reading really in-depth RPG blogs from 2008-2012, during the so-called “Old School Renaissance”. Many thoughtful gems about the nature of such games.

Accompaniment to work this morning: Yo-Yo Ma’s “Six Evolutions - Bach: Cello Suites”.

So, apparently Selena Gomez is on Animal Talking?!

Animal Talking, a talk-show happening entirely within Animal Crossing, is live! Stumbled upon this during my procrastination on Twitch.

A more innocent time, perhaps, when a judge’s memory of an earlier case could be stated without embarassment as being of some precedential value (In Re Masters, Decd [1953] 1 WLR 81 at 83):

I also remember a case before Eve J., in which I appeared as counsel, before the passing of the Act of 1925 in which, though I do not remember the exact name of the trust, I do remember that the very same bank, Coutts & Co., trustees of a particular trust estate, were authorized by Eve J. to receive remuneration.

Getting back into the groove with my Fujifilm X100S, edited with Pixelmator Pro on the iPad Pro.

Since I’m working from home, I thought I would try to inject a bit of exercise during the day. Went to the gym during lunch hour for a quick workout, and feeling good about it! 🏋️‍♂️

Finished the first play of Microscope yesterday. I and the others enjoyed the experience, but it was certainly a challenge to get going at parts. Not at all like a traditional board game, closer to improv in many ways!

A few friends are coming over and we’re going to try Microscope by Ben Robbins!

Watching/reading “The Church Forests of Ethiopia: A Mystical Geography”.

One of the things that fascinates me about Dave Arneson’s Napoleonic campaign is the way that the gameplay operated at different scales: individuals, to armies, to nations. I wonder how it might be possible to incorporate this into a modern campaign.

Watching The Secrets of Blackmoor - The True History of Dungeons & Dragons.

There are few things more frustrating than spending an inordinate amount of time looking for a document that you clearly remember having seen just a few moments ago.

It’s been raining in the early mornings over this long weekend. Waking up to the sound of raindrops is a wonderful and precious thing.

I have finally enabled cellular data on my Apple Watch, since my service provider has just gotten around to allowing that. Excited to test out what I initially had in mind when I first bought the Watch last year! ⌚️


Currently reading: On the Unseriousness of Human Affairs by James V. Schall 📚

(Testing out the Book Search feature as well, @manton)

I’m sure I’m very late to the game, but NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts are fantastic. A few artists I’ve found through there: alt-J, Lankum, Sudan Archives, and Snarky Puppy.